Michael Harris was a promising young cricketer who had just broken into the First XI under the captaincy of Don Stone. He became ill during the 1967 season and sadly died shortly afterwards. His parents, who lived close to the ground, donated the Michael Harris Memorial Trophy and requested that it be awarded annually for outstanding service to the club.
The first recipient in 1968 was Michael Ellis, who had been club secretary for many years. Traditionally, the winner was presented with the trophy by Michael Harris’ father at the AGM and for a long time it was the only award made by the club.
To this day it is the most prestigious honour the club can bestow on someone who, in the opinion of the previous winners, is deserving of receiving it in recognition for a significant contribution to the cricket club.
These are the deserving winners;

[ezcol_1half]1968 M J K Ellis
1969 D G Stone
1970 R S Cork
1971 A F Gray
1972 P A Wride
1973 D F Knight
1974 R Aubrey
1975 J R Tanner
1976 K W Sawyer
1977 M B Nichols
1978 K Milsom
1979 L C Harris
1980 M J Ryland
1981 P R Huckle
1982 R J Parsons
1983 K H Davies
1984 Mrs C E Milsom
1985 H Shah
1986 M A Lawrence
1987 No award
1988 A C Clark
1989 M C Somers
1990 G W Marsh
1991 No Award
1992 J R Boyce
1993 No Award[/ezcol_1half] [ezcol_1half_end]1994 J F Chidgey
1995 M D Smith
1996 S R Sutor
1997 J W Machin
1998 S J White
1999 K Milsom
2000 S P Parker
2001 S R Sutor
2002 E T Hollinghurst
2003 G K V Mulholland
2004 A S Huszlicska
2005 C B Drew
2006 J H S Steven
2007 A H Spicer
2008 B L Dury
2009 P A Dowle
2010 J R Colley
2011 M J Parker
2012 A Forbes
2013 C J Ball
2014 R Ahmed
2015 T J Milsom
2016 D R M McKimm
2017 J Woodworth[/ezcol_1half_end]