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Golden Hill Cricket Club

Selection 5th September 2020

Detailed below are the guidelines we will need to comply with in order for our cricket to be safe and enjoyable. Please read. It’s really important you do so.

Important points:

1). Please do not come to the ground if you have any symptoms of Covid 19 or you are living in the same household as someone who does.

2) Wash your hands before you attend.

3). Both the main gate and Ridge Hill gate will be open. Please walk to the ground if you can. If you come from the Henleaze side, park locally.

4) Anti bac your hands once you arrive.

5) The changing rooms are not available. Please come prepared to play. You may change trousers etc but please keep mind that we have Under 18s playing and we must adhere to the normal safeguarding practices as best as possible when padding up.

5) Captains will meet with the squads prior to play at the designated times. You will then be instructed where to put your kit.

6) Zones will be set up by the pitches for each playing team. Kit should be placed here.

7) There are no teas. Bring something to eat.

8) Bring your own full water bottle. Water will be available from jugs to refill, subject to cleaning hands before use.

9). The kitchen is not accessible to anyone.

10). Spectators are welcome. You must let them know about the above procedures and that they will need to sign in and leave a contact number on arrival.

11). Please observe social distancing protocols at all times and respect others.

12). Bring your own anti bac gel

13). All players will be expected to help to marshall the queue for the bar and toilets. Your captains will explain more about this on the day.

14). The bar will open at 5pm. Last orders will be at 9:30 and everyone must have left the premises by 10pm. The bar is contactless payment only. NO CASH WILL BE ACCEPTED.

15) Captains will explain teams, playing conditions, format etc once everyone is gathered together for their match.

16) Match fees are £8 for adults and £5 for Juniors. Both fees include a free drink. I wonder if you read to the end to take note? Please pay by bank transfer. NO CASH WILL BE ACCEPTED.

Golden Hill Cricket Club

Sort Code: 30-00-01

Account: 02926191

Please set this up on your online banking and pay prior to arrival.

Teams are as follows:

1st XI (H) Vs Twyford House CC 1st XI

Meet: 11:30am

Start: 12:30pm

Please confirm with John Colley: 07832 339 738

Colley, J (c)

Broome, D

Hygate, S

Milsom, T

Murphy, S

Parkinson, A

Spicer, J

Tenuwera, R

Thomas, H

Webster, W

Whetton, D

2nd XI (A) Vs Backwell Flax Bourton CC 1st XI

Meet: 11:45am

Start: 12:30pm

Please confirm with Razi Ahmed: 07968 068 576

Ahmed, R (c)

Ahmed, F

Carr, C

Gordon, T

Hawkins, O

Ingram, D

Parrett, T

Porter, J

Shafi, Z

Stevenson, J

Woodworth, J [jnr]

Friendly XI (H) Vs Alderton Wanderers (2x T20)

Meet: 11:15am

Start: 12pm

Please confirm with Keith Milsom:

Milsom, K (c)

Allen, M

Andrew, C

Dempsey, P

Dodds, R

Fitzgerald, A

Fitzgerald, J

Fraser-Tytler, S

Millman, S

Thomas, P

Woodworth, A

Friendly XI (A) Vs Old Bristolians Westbury

Meet: 11:45am

Start: 12:30pm

Please confirm with Gerry Davis: 07877 612 930

Davis, G (c)

Burgess, T

Chidgey, J

Collard, C

Middleton, C

Parker, S

Rees, G

Rosen, H

Simon, T

Spicer, A

Yeo, C

Friendly XI (H) Vs Carsons Mangotsfield CC, Coombe Dingle

Meet: 12:15pm

Start: 1pm

Please confirm with Matt O’Regan: 07450204527

O’Regan, M (c)

Colling, L

Curson, L

Lorraine, J

Newton, A

Newton, W

O’Regan, P

Premsagar, R

Richardson, S

Watson-Roper, L

Williams, M



Bodey, E

Langdon, D

Rizvi, Sid

Thurlby, J